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Recent objects gallery

Photograph; Jenkins, H.; LOWMS:2022.130
Two drifters in bottle; 2022; LOWMS:2022.134
Paintings LT19

; J 6; 1916; LOWMS:2022.125 A - B
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.124
Painting 'Kristian'

; Whiting, L. G.; 1974; LOWMS:2022.123
Painting 'Boston Pioneer'

; D.W. Plant; 1978; LOWMS:2022.122
Three WW1 medals + photo in wood frame; LOWMS:2022.120
Presentation Shield.; 1978; LOWMS:2022.115
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.099
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.098
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.097
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.096
cross stitch picture; LOWMS:2022.095
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.091
Painting trawler 'Boy Jason' LT580 at sea.; Crowfoot, J; LOWMS:2022.090
Book 'Olsens Almanack 1942'; E.T.W. Dennis; 1942; LOWMS:2022.089
pistol; LOWMS:2022.083
scrapbook; LOWMS:2022.082
scrapbook; LOWMS:2022.081
scrapbook; LOWMS:2022.080
Photograph Album - Richards Shipyard, Lowestoft; LOWMS:2022.079
Photograph Album - Richards Shipyard, Lowestoft; LOWMS:2022.078
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.076 A - C
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.075 A - C
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.074
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.073
Photograph; LOWMS:2022.072
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.071 A - D
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.070 A - J
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.069 A - C
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.068 A - F
Photographs; LOWMS:2022.067 A - F

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